Friday, 23 July 2021

Life in Belgium

After settling down in Belgium as immigrants, here are some useful and interesting articles and living in Belgium.

Het Steen Castle in Antwerp along River Scheldt But What’s There to See?

Het Steen Castle in Antwerp

Are You Intrigued by Het Steen, the Oldest Monument in Antwerp Along the Scheldt River? Het Steen, literally translated in English means ‘the stone’. It remained much of a mystery for me having passed by the fortress for the past few years but have not once visited it. Finally one fine …

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12 Chic Durbuy Restaurants to Dine & Keep Your Stomach Happy

Where to Eat in Durbuy Belgium? 12 Durbuy Restaurants

Durbuy Restaurants Travel Guide Where to eat in Durbuy Belgium restaurant? In this third part of the Durbuy Travel Guide, I will show you the gastronomic experience of dining in a Durbuy restaurant and the estimated cost. Some restaurants are recommended by Michelin Guide 2017. You can refer to ideas …

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Job Interview Tips: Decode Meaning to Answer Common Questions

Job Interview Tips: How to Answer Common Interview Questions During a Job Interview Process?

Job Interview Tips: How to Answer Interview Questions and Interview Questions Meaning How to answer interview questions? What are the implied meanings ringing at the head of the recruiters when they ask a question during the interview? This article is a continuation of the job-seeking process in Belgium conducted by …

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Open Bank Account in Belgium: What Do You Need to Know?

Open Bank Account in Belgium

Opening Your First Bank Account I opened a bank account with Argenta immediately after I have received my Orange Card (Attest van Immatriculatie). Argenta, a family-owned bank has been around for 60 years. Besides, it is free to open a bank account with Argenta. There is no monthly maintenance charge to …

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21 Royal Greenhouses of Laeken Enchanting Spots to See

Winter Garden at Royal Greenhouses of Laeken

Visit the Royal Greenhouses of Laeken Every Spring in Belgium for Three Weeks The Royal Greenhouses of Laeken (FR: Serres Royales de Laeken, NL: Koninklijke Serres van Laken) is opened for three weeks every year from mid-April to the first week of May. During spring, the colourful flowers are in full bloom …

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Food Review in Antwerp: Yamato Antwerpen Japanese Restaurant

Yamato Antwerpen Japanese Restaurant Food Review

Atypical Japanese Food: Yamato Antwerpen Restaurant Yamato Antwerpen – Recommended by Japanese Yamato Antwerpen is an atypical Japanese restaurant in Antwerp without the usual sushi and ramen that you would expect. This Japanese restaurant tucked in a little corner of Antwerp South (Antwerpen Zuid) near to the Royal Museum of …

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Food Review in Antwerp: Het Pakhuis Antwerpen in Vlaamse Kaai

Het Pakhuis Antwerpen Brasserie - Bar

Restaurant Het Pakhuis Antwerpen in Vlaamsekaai, South Antwerp Home Brewery – Restaurant Het Pakhuis Antwerpen Het Pakhuis Antwerpen restaurant located at the street of Vlaamse Kaai is one of the two breweries that remains in Antwerp. The other one in Antwerp is De Koninck. In 1946, there were 27 of them …

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Food Review in Antwerp: Pho 61 Antwerpen Vietnamese Restaurant in Grote Markt

Pho 61 Antwerpen Vietnamese Restaurant in Antwerp Grote Markt

Food Review: Pho 61 Antwerpen Pho-bulous Vietnamese Restaurant in Grote Markt Antwerp Pho 61 Antwerpen started its business on 7 March 2016 selling Vietnamese street food in an upscale touristic area in Antwerp Grote Markt run by the Vietnamese team. Hence, you can be assured of the authenticity of the …

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15 Essential Dutch Learning Website Resources List to Learn Dutch Online Free and Improve Your Dutch Language

Essential Dutch Learning Website Resources Compilation List to Learn Dutch Online Free and Improve Your Dutch Language

Top Dutch Language Website Review Which is the best website for learning Dutch online free? How to learn Dutch fast with or without a Dutch language course? It is stimulating to learn Dutch online for free and be spoilt with so many choices of websites but more so for people …

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Simple Dutch Conversation in Daily Life for Beginners

Useful and Simple Dutch Conversation for Daily Life in Belgium

Useful and Simple Dutch Conversation for CVO Beginners in Belgium Following my Dutch Language Course conducted in one of the CVO (Centrum Volwassenenonderwijs) schools, below are some of the simple Dutch conversation learned in Level 1.1 and 1.2 which I have improvised them in a few possible scenarios. I called …

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Inburgering: Social Integration Course in Belgium Flanders

Inburgering Belgium / Social Integration Course Belgium

Social Integration Course Also known as Inburgering in Dutch, the Social Integration Course equips participants with essential knowledge about living in Belgium. As a result, they can integrate more easily into the society and a better picture of what is happening in Belgium. Some web pages are difficult to find online …

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Why Zoo Antwerpen is One of the Best Places of Interests to Visit in Antwerp

Why Zoo Antwerpen is One of the Best Places of Interest to Go and Visit in Antwerp

Zoo Antwerpen: Place of Interest in Antwerp Oldest Zoo in Belgium and 8th Oldest in the World Record Zoo Antwerpen is a place of interest highly recommended to visit in Antwerp. Opened on 21 July 1843, fourteen years after the independence of Belgium in 1830, Antwerp Zoo it is the …

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