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Food Review in Antwerp: Yamato Antwerpen Japanese Restaurant

Left: Yakiniku Cheese (Beef), Right: Mini Okonomiyaki Sticks, Top: Gyouza (Dumplings)

Atypical Japanese Food: Yamato Antwerpen Restaurant

Yamato Antwerpen – Recommended by Japanese

Yamato Antwerpen is an atypical Japanese restaurant in Antwerp without the usual sushi and ramen that you would expect. This Japanese restaurant tucked in a little corner of Antwerp South (Antwerpen Zuid) near to the Royal Museum of Fine Art (Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten Antwerpen) was a recommendation from two Japanese friends.

They live near to Yamato Antwerpen. Hence, the whole family of three went to support it regularly. They urged me to try out this inexpensive restaurant which served original Japanese cuisine. Therefore, I have the best assurance of high-quality food. If my friends swear by it, then the food must be noteworthy.

Yamato Antwerpen Japanese Restaurant Interior

The owner of Yamato Antwerpen was very welcoming and friendly. There was a young Asian woman at the bar counter preparing the food. The interior design has a woody green theme. Furthermore, the small backyard has pretty Japanese decor.

Yamato Antwerpen Japanese Restaurant Interior

Yamato Antwerpen Japanese Restaurant Backyard

Yamato Antwerpen Japanese Food Menu

When I looked at the menu, I knew I would order many dishes from there as the food menu had many small portions of food for sharing. If you want to be full, you have to order a lot of plates from there. Below were the plates of food that we ate for two people and the names of it. They were indeed all very delicious!!!

Yamato Antwerpen Snacks
Hijiki Salad + Japanese Wasabi Snacks + Sake
Yamato Antwerpen Takokarage (Spicy Deep Fried Octopus)
Takokarage (Spicy Deep Fried Octopus) – If you are itching for some spicy food, this would be a great choice! The spiciness doesn’t burn your tongue and makes you drown in the alcohol ?
Yamato Antwerpen Dashi Takoyaki (Fried Octopus Balls)
Dashi Takoyaki (Fried Octopus Balls)

Excellent Customer Service

The owner of Yamato Antwerpen is a Belgian who speaks fluent Japanese with his staff as he had lived in Japan before. There were two ladies working for him, a Japanese and a Korean. The boss came over and asked whether the food was good. All of them had excellent customer service. Most importantly, they prepared Japanese food that was finger-licking good!

Note: Yamato Antwerpen opens only in the evening from 6 pm and closes in the afternoon.

Address of the Restaurant


Schildersstraat 7
2000 Antwerpen
Tel: +32 468 43 32 50

Daily Operating Hours

6 pm to 10 pm
Friday and Saturday until 11 pm

*Closed on Sunday & Monday*

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