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12 Chic Durbuy Restaurants to Dine & Keep Your Stomach Happy

Durbuy Restaurants Travel Guide

Where to eat in Durbuy Belgium restaurant? In this third part of the Durbuy Travel Guide, I will show you the gastronomic experience of dining in a Durbuy restaurant and the estimated cost. Some restaurants are recommended by Michelin Guide 2017. You can refer to ideas on 20 Best Things to Do in Durbuy and 10 Impressive Hotels to Stay in Durbuy.

Durbuy 1331 Signboard

There are many food signages outside several restaurants in Durbuy which have the imprint heading “Durbuy 1331”. 1331 was the year which John I, Count of Luxemburg, and King of Bohemia declared Durbuy as a city. Before the declaration, Durbuy was a prominent hub for commerce and trade during the medieval time. 1331 was widely used and marketed as a remembrance of the significant change in Durbuy during that year.

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12 Chic Durbuy Restaurant for a Gastronomic Experience in Belgium

Disclaimer: As with each changing season in Belgium, the food menu offered in a Durbuy restaurant may or may not be the same. Similarly, the array of food presented might affect the price below. The rate stated in this article is correct at the time of writing. 

① Le Fou du Roy

Durbuy Le Fou du Roy

Le Fou du Roy is the only restaurant located inside the Durbuy Castle, for a magical moment in the heart of the smallest city in the world. The decoration has a soft and romantic atmosphere. You can relax on a terrace away from the hustle and bustle of the town centre of Durbuy.

It serves traditional French cuisine yet refined with Italian influences. A 3-course meal costs €35. Le Fou du Roy restaurant also offers “Becky’s Breakfast” from 7.30 to 11 am. You can take the breakfast package at €11 or simply grab a croissant, muffin or cake with coffee or tea of your choice.

A 3-course meal costs €35. The restaurant also offers “Becky’s Breakfast” from 7.30 to 11 am. You can take the breakfast package at €11 or simply grab a croissant, muffin or cake with coffee or tea of your choice.

Michelin Guide 2017
This small house is just a hop from the bridge and nestles at the foot of the castle, of which it was formerly an outhouse. The menu alternates between tradition and modernity, all at reasonable prices. Decorated in an exuberant flea market style, it also offers a terrace. Crayfish festival in summer.

② Le Clos des Récollets

Hotel Le Clos des Récollects

The chef and his team promise a gastronomic experience that you will never forget at Le Clos des Récollets. A 3-course menu costs €35 and €55 with a selection of wine. It has an indoor restaurant and a shaded terrace that can accommodate up to 40 people.

Michelin Guide 2017
The picturesque charm of Durby is fully echoed in this delightful restaurant with a superb terrace. The cuisine, firmly anchored in classical techniques, occasionally delves into a more modern repertory. Each dish is a skilful association of flavours. Stay overnight to finish your meal in style.

③ Le Sanglier des Ardennes

Le Sanglier des Ardennes Restaurant

Hotel-Restaurant Sanglier des Ardennes restaurant has one of the best locations in the heart of Durbuy. If dining in a vibrant atmosphere is what you are looking for, you have come to the right place. There are 3 types of set menu – Gastronomic Menu €65, Discovery Menu €125, Lunch Menu €35. Wines are charged at a different rate for each set of proposed menu.

Sanglier des Ardennes offers caviar €80 as an appetiser which might not be found in other restaurants. Something that caught my attention. They also offer King Crab €34 as another of their starter for seafood lovers.

Michelin Guide 2017
This hotel-restaurant received a facelift in 2011, but its successful formula has remained intact. It has a classic foundation, attentive service, a fine wine cellar, a collection of armagnacs – and on the hotel side – it is bright and comfortable. There is also a wellness area, a bar and a brasserie.

④ La Bru’sserie

Durbuy Restaurant La Bru'sserie

Another restaurant located in the Hotel-Restaurant Sanglier des Ardennes, La Bru’sserie is serving Tapas and Sharing Food. Perfect for those who want to do away with eating the main course once in a while and have some small bites. The tapas has a few regional specialities – Provence, South America, Spain, Asia and Classical. Price range from €8 to €18 for the Tapas range. 4 and 6-course menu are available respectively at €45 and €70.

⑤ La Canette

Durbuy Restaurant La Canette

Established more than 30 years, La Canette presents traditional cuisine and changes their menu seasonally. Priced at €33 for a 2-course dining – starter and a main course only. La Canette also offers a “pink room” (La Chambre Rose) above the restaurant overlooking the vegetation. The room rental is €85/night for 2 pax. You can reserve it by sending them an email.

⑥ Jean de Bohême

Durbuy Hotel Restaurant Jean de Boheme

Jean de Bohême is a Durbuy hotel-restaurant that serves a 3-course dining at €37. There are five selections from the starters and the main course that you can choose from the menu. There are also plenty of choices for à la carte menu if you prefer that. Kid’s menu starts from €7.50 for Bolognese Pasta to €12 for Steak Salad and Chips. Their dessert offer is as much as their main course. I spotted my favourite dessert – Moelleux with Chocolate Black – Ice Caramel Salted Butter €10.00.

⑦ Le Vieux Pont

Durbuy Tourist Office beside Vieux Pont

Hotel-Restaurant Le Vieux Pont is in a prominent location in the centre of Durbuy and beside the Tourist Office. It has a full spread of menu with a lot of choices of food and drinks under each category. One can consult the food menu online including the type of drinks they have. Set menu has an attractive price range from €19 to €24. Kid’s menu has three choices available for €13 at Le Vieux Pont. You can reserve the dinner online in advance.

⑧ La Ferme au Chêne

La Ferme au Chene

For beer lovers, stop by at Durbuy only local brewery La Ferme au Chêne. Other than drinking beer, the restaurant has a Seasonal Set Menu €33, Set Menu de La Ferme au Chêne €19 and a Kid’s Menu €9 for children below 12 years old. For groups comprising of minimum 12 adults and children, there are four options of the set menu at €19.50/pax. It also has a wide variety of food to choose from and side dishes to complement their beer. All their sauces are home-made. A great place to drink beer and savour their cuisine.

⑨ La Piazza

Durbuy Restaurant La Piazza

If you have a craving for pizza, swing to La Piazza restaurant for the traditional wood-fired pizzas. Known to have the best pizza in town, the thin and crispy crust with the generous topping will leave you wanting for more. As one of the owners is a vegetarian, it would be an excellent choice of restaurant for vegetarians too. Found beside Hotel Wellness and beside a slope, the rustic styled La Piazza has a mesmerising view overlooking Durbuy town for patrons who sit outside the restaurant.

⑩ Eau de Roche Restaurant

Spa, Massage, Body and Face Care Treatment @ Durbuy Hotel Wellness - Eau de Roche

Restaurant Eau de Roche in Hotel Wellness has warm and contemporary colours setting. Set Menu comes in €25, €29 and €35 and the choice of food is limited. For the health conscious, you get more variety of salad here compared to some other restaurants. À la carte menu offers a lot of selections. Moreover, their food menu has a lower price overall for those with a tighter budget.

⑪ La Vieille Demeure

Durbuy La Vieille Demeure

If you just want to get dessert or grab some small bites, go to La Vieille Demeure which has a serene atmosphere. The restaurant specialises in the famous Belgian dessert and snacks since 1971. You can get ice cream, pancakes, salad and sandwiches. Not forgetting the famous Belgian waffles which you can savour in the quiet surrounding while admiring the tranquil medieval town.

⑫ Boucherie Serge Bodson

Fun Belgium Durbuy Photos: Traiteur Boucherie Serge Bodson
Whose backside is bigger?

Believe me. This pig has been outside Traiteur Boucherie Bodson Serge for quite some time. Even Pinterest and Google have the same piggy images spilling all over the shop. Since the pig is so well-liked, surely you would like to have one photo of it for memory as well.

The shop sells not only charcuterie but also bread in 2009 ever since the last bakers in the village retired. It has been a success till date. Over here, you can also buy paninis and sandwiches for as low as €2.50.

Other things that you can purchase are well-known traditional cheeses and artisanal cheeses such as “Le Chèvre Frais d’Ozo”, “Le Petit Moressée”, “Le Petit Rossé” and “Le Doré de Lathuy”. The one cheese to bring home is the “Le Durbuy“. The flagship product is the ‘salaison’ which is the salted meat in different kind of flavours.

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