Friday, 23 July 2021
Guest Blogging for Legal Cohabitation Visa Process

㉓ You Are Wanted! Guest Blogging | Legal Cohabitation Visa

Contribute as a Guest Blogger to help Fellow Expats Understand the Legal Cohabitation Visa Process Through Your Precious Experience

I am inviting you to contribute as a guest blogger about your legal cohabitation process in Belgium. It is a space for you to share your smooth journey or to vent your frustration. This platform would allow others to make some comparisons about similar or differing processes between different communes or individuals.

Most importantly, your contribution can help fellow expats to understand the procedures better. It is especially useful when your cohabitation journey helps other people in your country to get a better idea of what to expect, particularly when a visa application is required before coming over to Belgium.

Another advantage of having a recorded journey is when your friends or family members ask you about the process that you went through, you can give them the link to your post. Then, you do not have to repeat the process several times. Your friends can read also read your post in detail. The website also provides a translation tool in several languages. The people you care about could read a translated version if necessary.

How to Become a Contributor for the Guest Post?


You must either be married or cohabit legally with your partner in Belgium.


Your name can be fictitious if you are not comfortable giving your real name. However, you and your partner nationality must be real to provide accuracy to the readers.


Your partner can be of any country of origin. It is not important whether he/she is a Belgian or not. But, you have to state the nationality.

Orange Card

You must already be at the stage of having your Orange card approved by email or post though it is not necessary that you have received it. If you have an exceptional case and would still like to contribute, you are welcome to do so.


Photo submission is optional. You can give one photo of yourself or with your partner if you wish. On the contrary, I respect your decision if you want to stay private and confidential. What matters most is your content and willingness to share the cohabitation visa experience.

Number of Words

Your content should have a minimum of 500 words. Please do not let the number of words deter you from sharing your story. Leave the counting to me. Just concentrate on writing your experience. Thus, with that notion in mind, 500 words should not be a problem.

In fact, I prefer longer content because if a blog post has a short content, it may not provide enough information. The post that you are reading now contains 700 words but excluding the questionnaire below. It is to let you have a rough idea of how long a post is for 500 words. Not that difficult, right?


Ideally, your content should be free from grammatical error. Again, do not let this point deter you from writing. As we all come from different background and countries, English may not be your first language or mother tongue. Kindly allow me permission to edit your grammars if necessary. Nonetheless, I will follow up with you after your guest post submission.

Two Submission Methods of Guest Post

There are two methods of submission. Choose one that is most suitable for you. No matter which is your preferred style of post submission, the required fields marked * is compulsory to fill up.

Method ➀

Write your story continuously the way you want it to be. Use the questions below as a guideline only. Likewise, you do not have to fill up all the text box. Choose one text box (preferably the last one) and paste your content into it. One word of advice: save your writing to your laptop or phone device first before submission in the event of a technical error. Then, submit.

Method ➁

Fill in the questionnaires below. You can answer all or skip some of the questions if they are not relevant to you. Before skipping them, consider whether the questions are of interest to the readers such as waiting time for Orange Card. I created the questionnaire below hoping that you have a fun time filling them up to increase your participation interest.

Are you enthusiastic to share your story now?

Thank you for your time in participating!

About Live in Belgium

Hello, my name is MissSJ. I am a Singaporean. I am living with my Belgian partner since July 2016 in a cosmopolitan city, Antwerp. However, I had been travelling to and fro Belgium since 2011 as a tourist. The creation of this blog is to document my new journey in Belgium which I would like to call 'home'. Join me in discovering fascinating Belgium from the eyes of an expat.