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Food Review in Antwerp: Yam Thai Antwerpen Restaurant

Food Review in Antwerp

Yam Thai Antwerpen Restaurant

A visit to Yam Thai Antwerpen restaurant was spontaneous. I had read the good reviews quite sometimes back. So, my partner and I decided to try out the Thai cuisine. Yam Thai opened its first store in February 2013 by two Belgians, Jeroen and Natalie in Volkstraat.

Three years later, the couple opened their second restaurant, Nimman at Stadswaag, Antwerpen. I had probably expected one of the owners to be a Thai like the modus operandi of the Chinese restaurants in Chinatown. However, it was not the case.

On the other hand, the kitchen comprises of Thai chefs in which the authenticity of the Thai aroma was distinctive. As an Asian and avid eater of Asian food, I could not fault on the authenticity of the Thai cuisine. Even the method of serving the food all at the same time gave me a pleasant surprise. That was a very Asian or Thai-style of presenting the food.

Make Reservation in Yam Thai Antwerpen

When we first entered into Yam Thai restaurant rather early for dinner, a lady asked whether we had any reservation. We had not made any reservation in advance. She gave us a high table inside the restaurant even though it was fully booked on a Friday night. The restaurant was rather small inside. Hence, it made sense to have a booking before going over. There was outdoor seating. When the weather is good, there are always many people sitting outside the restaurant.

Yam Thai Antwerpen Exterior

Yam Thai Restaurant Outdoor in Antwerp, Belgium

Yam Thai Antwerpen Food Menu

One of the food menus of Yam Thai was rather cute. It was a passport with drinks items listed on it.

Yam Thai Antwerpen Menu Passport

Yam Thai Antwerpen Food Menu

Tom Yum Kung @ €12.50

The most famous Thai cuisine award should go to the hot and sour Tom Yum Soup. It is a favourite of all time. Whenever I try out a new Thai restaurant, I will never fail to order the Tom Yum soup to taste how original it is. To my knowledge, there are two methods to prepare the Tom Yum Soup. The first is a clear soup base and the second is a milk-based soup. In Thailand, if you do not tell the restaurant to add milk, the Tom Yom soup served would be a clear soup base.

It is also a personal preference whether one prefers a clear or milk-based soup. Some people who have a problem with their gastric would usually like to have milk added into the soup to reduce the level of the alkaline. In Yam Thai, the Tom Yum soup contained milk. I think the Tom Yum soup is authentic although it was a little bit salty. The portion was small and meant for only one person. But, it cost €16!

Som Tam Thai @ €16.00

Som Tam Thai, also known as Green Papaya Salad is another of my favourite dish. It is commonly served in Thailand as an appetiser. The Papaya Salad is usually sour and spicy. The sourness and the spiciness can be so intense that the lips have a burning sensation. In the Yam Thai’s menu, it had a 3-chilli rating which indicated a high level of spiciness. However, I did not think it was that spicy, but the strength of it might be overwhelming for many Belgians.

Pla Rad Prik @ €24.00

We ordered Steamed Sea Bream with Chilli. However, Yam Thai served us the wrong type of fish. We did not make a complaint because both had the same price. The fish that Yam Thai served wrongly was the Deep Fred Seabass and Chilli. Did the red sauce and the chilli make the seabass seemingly spicy? Fortunately, it was not. Personally, I did not like the taste of the chilli for this dish as it was not so delicious. The fish was average and small. We would very much prefer to try the steamed fish instead.

Food Review in Antwerp: Yam Thai Restaurant - Thai Cuisine

Final Food Review of Yam Thai Antwerpen

Overall, I find the dishes overpriced for their small portion. We paid €57.00 in total including a Singa beer €4.50. The variety of Thai dishes was not a lot too. We would probably not go back again due to the exorbitant price but would instead, hunt for another Thai restaurant that can provide the same standard of food at a lower price. The good thing was that the service staffs were polite and we were happy with their services.

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Address of the Restaurant


Volkstraat 76
2000 Antwerpen
Tel: +32 (0)471 82 42 75

Daily Operating Hours

Lunch and Dinner
12 pm to 2:30 pm
6 pm to 10 pm

12 pm to 9 pm

*Closed on Tuesday*

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