Friday, 23 July 2021
About Me MissSJ: Founder of Live in Belgium

About Us

Hello… My name is Miss SJ. I am a Singaporean. I arrived in a beautiful city, Antwerp to start a new life with my Belgian boyfriend through legal cohabitation in July 2016. I was lucky to get the approval for my residence card from the first application in April 2017, which is a 9-month long process.

The purpose of the blog was initially to document the entire legal cohabitation process to help new hopeful applicants to get their Belgian residence permit successfully with a step-by-step guide. Also, I want to motivate them not to give up the long and tedious procedure with the blog as a useful reference.

Today, the 24 articles that I wrote for “Legal Cohabitation Visa Survival Series for a Well-prepared Battle” is the number 1 most-read and complete resource for the family reunification guide. Although I have gotten my F Card eventually, I do not stop learning about the cohabitation process.

I continue to follow up by reading forums, articles and the official website to understand the most recent change and helping others through the comment section of my posts. Quite a lot of work done because I provide in-depth details to every procedure.

The destination to the family reunion procedure will stop someday. My life will go on in Belgium. Therefore, I blog about civic integration courses, events and travel in Belgium and also for other countries which may interest others. The longer I live in Belgium, the more articles I can create.

Lastly, thanks to those who follow me and read my blog. You are an inspiration for me to carry on when the days get too tired and bleak. I wish you success in your pursuit for the long-term stay in Belgium. Always exercise patience in a new city.