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How to Find Ridiculously Cheap Flights from Brussels to Singapore and Other Parts of Asia?

Cheap Flights from Brussels

How to Find Ridiculously Cheap Flights from Brussels to Singapore or Other Parts of Asia?

Cheap flights from Brussels – Are there other methods for you to get cheap airline tickets? I have been an avid traveller to Europe and Asia for the past decade. One of the reasons is to visit my boyfriend living in Belgium. I have travelled to 24 countries so far.

One of my fortes for travelling is to spend a lot of time finding the cheapest flights from Brussels. Almost an expert for digging cheap tickets. Schipol Airport in Amsterdam and Charles de Gaulle from Paris are within my consideration for departure because they are the nearest airport to Belgium.

I have already found a method which you can get super cheap flights from Brussels. Since I am flying back home to Singapore, I will also show you photos of my research. I have used this method for many years. But, it is still the cheapest find so far among all the airfares comparison sites and the flight companies.

Why Use Expedia Singapore to Find Cheap Flights from Brussels to Anywhere?

That is to use Expedia Singapore for all your cheap flights from Brussels. The typical method of finding an air ticket is to: –

  1. Search directly on the airline companies which you are familiar.
  2. Compare the air tickets among all the airfares websites that you know.

The above methods may not be new to you. But using Expedia Singapore should be a rather new suggestion for you. I use Expedia Singapore not because I am a Singaporean.

Simply because, after a lot of research for the cheapest air tickets, Expedia Singapore still offers the lowest fare from Brussels to Singapore this round. Sometimes, I depart from Amsterdam or Paris if the airfare is cheaper than departing from Brussels.

Perhaps, you are not going to Singapore but want to travel to other parts of Asia in future. Why not try Expedia Singapore and see whether it costs lesser for your ticket? In fact, this time, it is the cheapest round-trip air ticket that I have ever purchased compared to the past few years.

Without further ado, I will show you below why Expedia Singapore has the cheapest flight from Brussels and not from other websites.

Photos of Comparison: Cheap Flights from Brussels to Singapore

Below are some screenshots of the airline comparison websites and the Finnair took on the same day to ensure fairness. I have already booked the cheapest flight from Expedia Singapore with Finnair on my preferred day of departure.

The purpose is to get you to compare between your selected airline websites and Expedia Singapore to see if can get a cheaper air ticket after considering the exchange rate. The payment in Expedia Singapore is in Singapore Dollars. The exchange rate used is 1 Euro = 1.55 SGD.

Expedia Singapore

I had selected the shortest travelling flight time of 19 hours price instead of a 23-hour flight. The price for Expedia Singapore is SGD 916.10 (€591).

I had decided to book this flight and had a pleasant surprise when I booked. Expedia Singapore offered me SGD 839.10 (€541) instead! That is the final price I had paid. I had a saving of another SGD 77 (€50).

Cheap Flights from Brussels to Singapore - Confirmed Flight for Expedia Singapore

The booking was made in the morning at 11 am. At 6 pm on the same day, the price shot up to SGD 1,004.60 (€648).

Expedia Belgium

Expedia also has a website in Belgium. That is Expedia Belgium. I have also searched for my flight from Brussels to Singapore to see whether it can offer me the same cost like Expedia Singapore. Instead, the airfare cost is €739.99. Expedia Belgium is €149 more expensive than Singapore. Furthermore, it offered me a 23-hour flight which the transit time was too long. I had translated from Dutch to English so it easier for you to read.

At 6 pm, the Finnair airfare on Expedia Belgium increased to €769.99 too. Finnair was no longer the cheapest flight as seen in the morning. Jet Airways had overtaken the number one position with the lowest airfare cost of €741.52.


Always compare between airline comparison travel websites and the airline companies to see which offers a lower airfare cost. Sometimes, you get the cheapest airfare directly from the airline company and sometimes not. For Finnair, the cost of the air ticket is €707.00. It is pretty clear-cut that the Finnair air ticket from Expedia Singapore has the lowest cost among all.

Other Airfare Comparison Websites

I have also checked on Google Flight and some other travel websites in Singapore. The costs are all above €707.00. As long as the currency used is in Euro or Pound (Skyscanner), the price of the air tickets are on the high side. That is the result of my research over the years.

What to Do for Long Layover Time in Helsinki-Vantaa, Finland?

I bought the cheapest ticket I could find during the period from June to August since my travel date is flexible. However, the downside was that I had a 9 hours transit time in Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. How do I kill time then?

Well, in my next post after I come back from Singapore end of August, I will show you how to get from Helsinki Airport to the city centre in 4 ways and also 25 Helsinki attractions and things to do in Helsinki city by foot.

A few years ago, I went to Belgium from Singapore. I had a one-week holiday in Helsinki because I had selected a 7-days layover time using Finnair Airline. I did not pay a single cent more for my added Helsinki destination thanks to the long transit time offered by Finnair.


If you can pay in other currency other than Euro and Pound to get a much cheaper flight, why not explore other alternatives? Even when my boyfriend visited me in Singapore back then, I used a similar method and purchased his airfare from Expedia Singapore. Hence, he paid for it in Singapore Dollars which is certainly cheaper to ensure that he can get the cheapest flight departing from Brussels, Amsterdam or Paris.

About Live in Belgium

Hello, my name is MissSJ. I am a Singaporean. I am living with my Belgian partner since July 2016 in a cosmopolitan city, Antwerp. However, I had been travelling to and fro Belgium since 2011 as a tourist. The creation of this blog is to document my new journey in Belgium which I would like to call 'home'. Join me in discovering fascinating Belgium from the eyes of an expat.

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