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⑩ Is Medical Certificate Necessary for Cohabitation Before Going to Belgium?

Do You Need a Medical Certificate?

If your passport has a visa-free entry to Schengen Area, it is not mandatory to get a medical certificate before coming to Belgium. People who need to apply a visa application to go to Schengen countries must have a medical certificate as part of the visa application procedure.

Leaving the Medical Certificate Behind

I have always emphasised the need to prepare fully for the legal cohabitation process. Thus, bring all the required documents from one’s home country where possible. Ironically, I decided not to go for a medical checkup before leaving to Belgium. The cost of doing a medical check-up is more expensive in Singapore than in Belgium. It was not worth to pay.

My passport has visa-free entry to Belgium. I decided to forego the medical certificate. I would arrange for a health check-up in Belgium if the commune asked for the medical certification later. Moreover, I read that the commune did not ask many other people to submit the medical certificate. Thus, I hope that I might get lucky.

The commune did not ask me to produce the medical certificate eventually.  I would save some money this way. One will have enough time to do the checkup in Belgium if there is a need for it. It would also mean a delay in submission of the document.

Making Health Screening Appointment in Belgium

First, call a general practitioner or a clinic to ask whether they perform medical health screening for visa purpose. Then, fix an appointment. There will be blood, stool and urine test. Usually, no fasting is required. Confirm again with the clinic if fasting one day before the appointment is necessary.

There is no special preparation either. Drink plenty of water at least two days before your check-up for a more accurate urine result. For ladies, please note that the urine test cannot be performed during your menstruation. It must be five days after your last menses.

I read online that the cost was around € 70 for a visa medical checkup. It is just a guideline and could be cheaper. The actual cost is not the same in every clinic. Remember to bring the medical certificate form and your passport with you on the appointment date.

Why Go for Medical Checkup?

The Belgian Consulate or Embassy has to approve the appointed doctor. The health screening is to certify that you are free from an illness that could endanger public health:-

  1. Disease that is subject to quarantine
  2. Active or evolutive pulmonary tuberculosis
  3. Other contagious, infectious or parasitic diseases which are matters of concern in Belgium to protect its national.

The issued date of the medical certificate must fall within six months when introducing the legal cohabitation visa application. After six months, the authority will ask for another health check-up to produce a fresh copy.

 Medical Certificate Form (PDF)

Let’s have a show of hand. How many of you did not have to submit a Medical Certificate to the commune as part of your cohabitation visa process?

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  1. Hey Miss SJ,
    I’m Jaclyn, a Singaporean too. I’m facing some problem with my visa here in Belgium as I’m holding a visa from Holland but would like to reside and work here in Antwerp. Please, if you could give some advice. I’m in Antwerp and I can meet up if you have the time!