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Vintage Classic Cars | Car Show Gallery Event: Dukes Cruisers Still Going Crazy at Park Kwarekken - Asberg, Westerlo

Classic Cars and Motor Show Events for Vintage Car Fanatics

1 May 2021 – 31 December 2021 all-day
Various Events & Locations

Classic Cars and Motor Show Events for Vintage Car Fanatics

The OldTimerWeb is the largest information point for classic car enthusiasts in Belgium. It organises vintage car exhibitions and activities in various locations from June until the end of the year. Not merely just classic car shows, guests can anticipate motors and rally events which they can take part.

The exhibition primarily focuses on vintage cars. Some highlights are luxury brands like Ferrari, Jaguar, BMW and Opel’s automobile shows coming up, just to name a few from the hundreds of events listing yearly.

Most of the events of the classic car took place in Flanders with a few in Wallonia. Some are in villages where arriving by public transport might be a challenge whereas some are in cities like Brussels and Antwerp.

Classic Cars Display: Dukes Cruisers Still Going Crazy

In one of the events “Dukes Cruisers Still Going Crazy 2017” which took place in Asberg, Westerlo, Belgium on 4 June 2017, the highlight was classic cars on display in Park Kwarekken. Free entry.

Park Kwarekken: Vintage Classic Cars | Car Show Gallery Event: Dukes Cruisers Still Going Crazy 2017

The first part of the video will show that upon entering Park Kwarekken, there was a counter where people can buy tokens for their food and drinks. There were also several tables and chairs with umbrellas, a concert stage with bands, a jumping castle for children and a row of souvenir stalls.

At the back of Park Kwarekken was a display of many classic cars. Those who love old vintage cars would appreciate such an automobile event. The high definition video has many beautiful photographs of classic cars for vintage car lovers. Enjoy the video, the cool cars and the music!

Video Length: 3 minutes

Plan Your Visit with a Map

The best way to go to these places is by car. Many of these events take place concurrently in nearby locations on a daily basis. After visiting one event, you can drive to the other event.

Oldtimer has a map with all the events on it to help you plan your visit by filtering the dates. On the long list below, search for the days with the most number of events so you can travel to see some of the classic cars on the same day.

If any of the below past activities in 2017 from Oldtimerweb’s site interest you, please refer to their web page directly for the event and the latest update in 2021.


01 Oct 2017

Late Summer Tour


01 Oct 2017

The ACCG Gullerit


01 Oct 2017

Esplanade Meeting


01 Oct 2017

Historic Alden Biesen


01 Oct 2017

“L’Art de Vadrouiller” 5th Edition


01 Oct 2017

Oldtimer Fair Motorcycles and Mopeds


08 Oct 2017

3° Strolls Cap Gris Nez


14 Oct 2017

Citroen 2CV & A Type Vintage Parts Market


14 Oct 2017

15 Oct 2017

Belgian Historic Cup Nascar Attic


22 Oct 2017

Cars and Coffee 


22 Oct 2017



28 Oct 2017

29 Oct 2017

International Antique Fair Ravel


26 Nov 2017

Cars and Coffee 


26 Nov 2017

64th LIMAC-Exchange Fair for Miniature Cars and Accessories


02 Jun 2018

240th Anniversary of Hoofdplaat

Hoofdplaat (NL)

Check out the post for more things to do in Belgium every month!

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