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    Hallerbos Forest 2022: Bluebells Hyacinth Not to Be Missed @ Halle Forest
    Apr 1 – May 31 all-day
    Hallerbos Forest 2022: Bluebells Hyacinth Not to Be Missed @ Halle Forest

    Hallerbos Bluebells Forest and Museum

    Hallerbos is an enchanting blue forest with purple-blue wild hyacinth flowers flourishing all over the place in spring. Also known as bluebells, such flowers are rare in the world and the Halle Forest is one of them. Therefore, the peculiar charm attracts many visitors and photographers worldwide. They flood to the renowned Hallerbos for witnessing the stunning sight during the blooming period around mid-April.

    The primary attraction of Hallerbos during spring is certainly the blooming hyacinth flowers. Hence, a walk in the forest is undoubtedly rewarding. The climate condition of the early spring is a key influence in the colouring of the flowers as they undergo several colour phases.

    So, the flower blooms are not the same every year. The best time to visit Hallerbos is after mid-April. There are regular updates on the flowering bloom so you can track the progress of the colour change. Visitors can pleasure themselves in the irresistible dense clusters of hyacinths carpeting the whole forest.

    Hallerbos is in the municipality of Halle. It is approximately 25 km away from Brussels by driving. The forest has most parts concentrated in the Flemish Brabant. The minority of it is in Walloon Brabant. It is a magnificent forest not to be missed! A truly magical sight!

    Hallerbos Rules

    Here are some house rules for visitors and photographers to observe strictly.

    1. It is important to always stay on the designated path for photo-taking and filming so as to preserve the natural environment. The soil and unique vegetation are susceptible to damage by stepping on it.
    2. Plucking the flowers and bringing them back home are forbidden.
    3. For cyclists, there are designated cycling tracks indicated by the signboards.
    4. Professional photoshoots, filming, with or without models ought to request permission through the film counter.
    5. Dogs are welcomed but have to be leashed. 

    Tourist Office

    The hiking map is available for free in the tourist office from April to September. In the meanwhile, you can also download a digital copy of the walking directory (PDF).

    Operating Hours
    • Weekday: 10 h to 16h (Close from 12h to 14h)
    • Weekend: 9h to 12h (Close from 12h to 13h)

    Forest Museum

    Visitors can also visit the free Forest Museum from 14h to 17h30 on the following dates. The 2020 schedules will be updated nearer to the flowering period in April.

    • Sunday, 07 April 2019
    • Sunday, 14 April 2019
    • Monday, 21 April 2019
    • Tuesday, 22 April 2019
    • Sunday, 28 April 2019
    • Wednesday, 1 May 2019

    Exhibition: Spring Bloomers (The Heroes of the Spring)

    During autumn, the Forest Museum opens on 6, 13, 20 and 27 October 2019 on Sunday afternoons.

    Hallerbos Walking Tours

    Hallerbos organises nature walks almost every Sunday of the month around the vicinity of Hallerbos. If you want to explore the tranquil scenery with a tour guide, check out the theme and time from their Event Calendar and contact the relevant person in charge. The guided tours are conducted in the Dutch language.

    Volunteers Wanted in 2020

    The Government of Flanders strives to protect and enhance the development of nature.

    • Date:  April to May 2020 (Bluebells Flowering Season)
    • Time: Flexible

    Agentschap Natuur en Bos (ANB) – Agency of Nature and Forest is seeking volunteers @ Halle Forest who can give a few hours of their time over the weekend to ensure a green and peaceful environment. Volunteering time is flexible. Dutch fluency is necessary and knowledge of other languages is an asset. There are generally two types of volunteers but there could be other types of job delegations as well.

    1. The first group is the Ushers who will welcome visitors to Hallerbos. They make sure that the visitors do not wander off the designated paths and walk onto the forest ground due to the highly vulnerable flowers and vegetation.
    2. The second group is the Parking Attendants to direct the parking.

    What can ANB offer you?

    • Work in an enchanting nature of Flanders
    • Enhance social interactions with other volunteers who share your interests
    • Material required to execute the task would be available

    There will be voluntary insurance for the volunteers throughout the course of volunteering.

    Are you interested?

    ☞ Fill up the form before 1 March 2020.

    The management will contact you within two weeks. Alternatively, you can contact Groenendaal Regional Office.

    • Email:
    • Tel: 02 658 24 60
    • Hours: Monday to Friday (08h30 to 15h30)

    There is also an info session on 18 March 2020 (Wednesday) at 7 pm @ Bosmuseum – Vlasmarktdreef 4, 1500 Halle.

    Free Hallerbos Shuttle Bus Service During Weekend

    The Vlasmarktdreef is closed on the mentioned dates below in 2019 from the Nijvelsesteenweg. Cars will have no access to Parking 2, 3 and 8. However, there will be free shuttle bus services from Halle Station to Hallerbos Forest during the bloom period of the wild hyacinths. The bus will stop at Hallerbos P8 Achtdreven as shown in the Google Maps below.

    • 2019 April: 13 & 14, 20 & 21 and 27 & 28
    • 2019 May: 1

    There are 2 pick-up points:

    1. Halle Station and
    2. End of Welkomstlaan

    The first bus departs the station at 09h00 and runs every 30 minutes. The last bus leaves at 19h30.  Each bus has 85 available seats. You can park along Welkomstlaan.


    Public Transport to Halle Forest

    Take a train and arrive at STATION HALLE.


    BUS 114

    Visitors can take a 9 minutes bus ride from (A) Halle Station Bus Stop and alight at (J) Halle Vlasmarkt Bus Stop.

    • Walk 4 minutes to Bosmuseum (Forest Museum) from the bus stop.
    • Walk 3 more minutes to the Hallerbos Entrance from the Bosmuseum.

    Take note that the transport company for Bus 114 is TEC and not DE LIJN. There are several bus stops around Halle Train Station. So, remember to go to the correct station so that you can find Bus 114 (TEC) easily. Note that this service only operates on weekdays.

    There seems to be no bus route of 114 in Google Maps from Halle Station to Halle Vlasmarkt. Therefore, I decided to customise my own map. I marked all the bus stations of 114 from the starting point to the destination accordingly with the help of the TEC app (Google Play Store or Apple Store) to ensure accuracy. Alternatively, you can check the Bus Schedule for Bus 114 here.

    Please click on the top left-hand corner of Google Maps to get more detail. The coloured icons will provide some other information as well upon clicking.

    Weekend and Public Holiday

    The journey of Bus 114 takes 9 minutes to arrive at Hallerbos. Unfortunately, the short route for this bus service is not available over the weekend. Thus, visitors will have to take a bus that runs a longer distance. There are two available bus numbers operated by De Lijn to go to Hallerbos over the weekend.

    BUS 156

    This bus service runs hourly.

    Note: I have monitored the Google Maps below for a week ever since my uploads of the maps. For Bus 156, if you check the map of this post during the weekday, it will only reflect the Bus 114 bus route instead. Likewise, if you check the map after the operating hours at night, the map will display the bus route of 153. As a result, the bus journey of 156 will only show if you see this post over the weekend.

    • Take the bus from Halle Station Perron 4. Alight at Lembeek Congo (20 stops). The travelling time is approximately 20 minutes.
    • Walk 20 minutes (1.5 km) from the bus stop to the entrance of Hallerbos located at Vlasmarktdreef 4.


    BUS 155

    This bus service runs hourly.

    • Take the bus from Halle Station Perron 3. Alight at Essenbeek Mooi Vergezicht (14 stops). The travelling time is approximately 16 minutes.

    • According to Google Maps below, the walking distance is approximately 37 minutes for 3 km. Hallerbos official website mentioned that it took 15 minutes to walk from Essenbeek Mooi Vergezicht via the road Hogebermweg ‘P1’ which is probably a shortcut.

    I have not figured out how one could reach the Hallerbos entrance in 15 minutes time. Between Bus 156 and 155, it seems that Bus 156 is a better choice of public transportation over the weekend to save time from walking for more than 30 minutes. It is also more convenient for people who have young children.

    Remember to share the event with your friend or on social media so that more people can discover the Bellbell Forest which is a Pride of Belgium!

    *Check out more stunning places to visit in Belgium every month!

    Ciney Militaria 2022: Military Fair at Ciney Expo (24 April) @ Ciney Expo
    Apr 24 @ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

    Ciney Militaria Fair 2022

    Ciney Militaria Fair 2022 is the most important military show in Europe every year. The event held two times a year attracts more than 12,000 visitors all over the world. On 24 April 2022, Sunday, 9 am to 4 pm, it will be holding its 71st edition of the exhibition and a spectacular display of military items. The Ciney Militaria is in the province of Namur in the Wallonia region.

    There will be more than 600 exhibitors coming from all over Europe like Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and more. It is forbidden to exhibit any object displaying the SS or Nazi emblem (swastika) except to demonstrate that this object presents historical collection value.

    Ciney Militaria Expo in Namur, Wallonie, Belgium
    Photo: Ciney Expo


    Ciney Militaria Sales Item

    Visitors can expect the following items listed below on 5 km of tables set inside the covered market and the Ciney Expo lobby:-

    • Weapons (legally authorised for sales)
      • Rifles
      • Pistols
      • Sabres and Swords
      • Knives
      • Ammunition
    • Military Vehicles
    • Uniforms
    • Helmets
    • Medals
    • Hats
    • Belts
    • Shoes
    • Flags
    • Tents
    • Bags
    • Bikes
    • Rifle Glasses
    • Radio
    • Binoculars
    • Charges
    • Engravings
    • Charts
    • Books
    • Documentation
    • Utensils
    • Kits Survival
    • Maps
    • camouflage makeup and accessories
    • and much more

    Ciney Militaria Fair in April and October every year
    Photo: Ciney Expo

    Next Event Date – Ciney Militaria October 2022

    The 72nd edition of the Ciney Militaria show will be held on 30 October 2022, Sunday from 9 am to 4 pm at the same venue. Children under 15 years old are free of charge.

    Accommodation in Ciney

    » Airbnb Booking

    Several Airbnb homes will be near to Ciney-Expo. If you have chosen to stay in Airbnb and also your first-time booking, you can first sign up with my referral code. The link will allow you to receive up to a €50 discount on your first Airbnb booking. The coupons will expire one year from the date of sign-up. In a nutshell, you have no rebate if you sign up without any referral code. Thank you for your support! ????

    Medieval Market of Etterbeek 2021: Weekend Activity to Watch the Folkloristic Characters from the Middle Age in Brussels @ Parc du Cinquantenaire
    May 13 @ 4:00 pm – May 15 @ 10:00 pm

    Medieval Market Etterbeek 2021

    There is no news from the organiser for Medieval Market of Etterbeek in 2021 so the event may not take place after all. However, you can read below for the last one that had taken place in 2019. Hopefully, the highly anticipated fun can return back in 2022.

    *The date shown for 2022 is an estimate based on the past event timeline and is not confirmed yet.

    Activities Highlight for 28th Edition

    For the past 27 years, one of the key events in the Etterbeek municipality is the Medieval Market (Marché Médiéval d’Etterbeek). Participants will have three days of unforgettable memory through the discovery of the Middle Ages, its folklore and its traditions over the weekend. This year, it will be a 3-day fun affair from 15 to 17 May 2020 @ Parc du Cinquantenaire, Brussels.

    The Medieval Market usually happens three days before Pinkstermaandag. Also known as the Whit Monday, or Pentecost Monday, it is a Christian holiday that commemorates the descent of the Holy Ghost upon the disciples of Jesus Christ, according to the New Testament of the Bible.

    In this 28th edition highlight of the festival in Brussels, you can see a lot of folkloristic characters and crafts come true right before your eyes like saddler, blacksmith, potter, carpenter, stonecutter, archers and arrows, etc.

    There will also be a demonstration of sword fighting by the knights from no less than three companies. The Belgian Federation of Medieval Fencing will also be present. the Austrian artist Walter will perform a series of high-flying acts for thrill-seekers while Ludenten will offer workshops specifically for children. The children can have fun at the rhythm of the animations or linger at the stand to see the work of an executioner, the sorcerer or the healer.

    Throughout the weekend, the musical group “Varius Coloribus” and “Dudelzwerge Music” will take charge of the musical performance. No less than 180 exhibitors from all over Belgium and throughout Europe will present their artisan products.

    Gourmands will be pampered for choices among medieval food stalls carried out in the Middle Ages. Trades such as blacksmith, stonemason, master tailor, manufacturers of arrows and bows come live at this majestic event. A special highlight will be a wooden rail horse on a pyramid of medieval maps.

    Be curious by the taste difference from the medieval time as compared to the modern time. The mentioned activities consist of only a part of all the activities proposed during the 27th Medieval Market of Etterbeek. Be there to witness the knights in shining armour!

    Etterbeek Medieval Market: Artisan at Work (Marché Médiéval  d'Etterbeek)
    Photo: Michel van Reysen / Flickr
    Food @ Marché Médiéval d'Etterbeek
    Photo: Michel van Reysen / Flickr

    Operating Hours 2020

    The event will enchant the public on Cinquantenaire Park (around the fountain) on the three dates:

    • Friday, 15 May 2020:  4 pm to 10 pm
    • Saturday, 16 May 2020:  10 am to 10 pm
    • Sunday, 17 May 2020: 10 am to 8 pm

    How to Go to Parc du Cinquantenaire by Train?

    The nearest metro station to alight is Bruxelles-Schuman. Walk approximately 6 minutes for 500 metres.

    Full Activities Highlight

    PS: The activities in 2020 will be updated nearer to the date.

    BY EVENTS - 7 June 2019 (Friday)

    • Armati Perregrini: Fencing Initiation – 17h to 18h30 | 20h30 to 21h
    • Armati Perregrini: Demonstration of Wrestling & Fencing – 19h to 19h30 | 21h to 21h30
    • Armati Perregrini: Explication Ferme – 17h30 to 18h | 19h30 to 20h
    • Armati Perregrini: Côte de Mail – 18h to 18h30 | 20h to 20h30
    • Dudelzwerge Music: Music – 17h to 17h30 | 21h to 21h30
    • Varius Coloribus: Music – 19h15 to 19h45 | 21h15 to 21h45
    • Via Bruxellensis: Sword Fighting – 18h to 18h30 | 20h30 to 21h
    • Via Bruxellensis: Demonstration Commentary – 17h30 to 18h | 20h to 20h30
    • Zirkir Meer: Equilibrist Card Game – 17h45 to 18h30
    • Zirkir Meer: Equilibrist Fountain – 20h30 to 21h15

    BY EVENTS - 8 June 2019 (Saturday)


    • Armati Perregrini: Ropes Making – 11h to 11h30 | 17h to 17h30
    • Armati Perregrini: Candles Making – 15h30 to 16h | 18h30 to 19h
    • Armati Perregrini: Fighting – 14h to 14h30 | 17h to 17h30 | 20h to 20h30
    • Armati Perregrini: Cutting Demonstration – 13h to 13h30 | 16h to 16h30 | 18h to 18h30 | 21h to 21h30
    • Belgian Fencing Federation: 11h to 11h45 | 13h to 13h45 | 16h15 to 17h | 19h to 19h45
    • Dudelzwerge Music: Wrestling – 10h30 to 11h | 16h to 16h30
    • Varius Coloribus: Music – 12h30 to 13h | 13h45 to 14h15 | 15h30 to 16h | 17h30 to 18h
    • Via Bruxellensis: Folktale – 11h30 to 12h
    • Via Bruxellensis: Fighting – 12h to 12h30 | 15h to 15h30
    • Zirkir Meer: Music – 14h30 to 15h | 16h30 to 17h | 19h to 19h30 | 21h to 21h30
    • Zirkir Meer: Barber Surgeon – 12h30 to 13h | 16h30 to 17h
    • Zirkir Meer: Herbalist – 13h30 to 14h | 17h30 to 18h

    BY EVENTS - 9 June 2019 (Sunday)

    • Armati Perregrini: Côte de Mail – 11h to 11h30 | 14h to 14h30
    • Armati Perregrini: Wrestling & Fencing Demonstration – 13h to 13h30 | 15h to 15h30 | 17h to 17h30
    • Armati Perregrini: Fencing Initiation – 12h to 12h30 | 18h to 18h30
    • Armati Perregrini: Explication Ferme – 10h to 10h30 | 11h30 to 12h | 16h to 16h30
    • Belgian Fencing Federation: 11h30 to 12h15 | 14h to 14h45 | 16h to 16h45 | 18h to 18h45
    • Dudelzwerge Music: Music – 10h45 to 11h15 | 13h to 13h30 | 15h15to 15h45 | 17h30 to 18h
    • Varius Coloribus: Music – 11h30 to 12h | 13h45 to 14h15 | 16h45 to 17h15 | 19h to 19h30
    • Via Bruxellensis: Sword Fighting – 10h30 to 11h | 12h30 to 13h | 15h30 to 16h | 17h30 to 18h
    • Via Bruxellensis: Guided Demonstration – 11h30 to 12h | 13h30 to 14h | 16h30 to 17h
    • Zirkus Meer: The Wheel of Leonardo – 12h to 12h45
    • Zirkir Meer: Equilibrist Card Game – 16h to 16h45
    • Zirkir Meer: Equilibrist Fountain – 14h30 to 15h15 | 18h to 18h45

    BY TIME - 7 June 2019 (Friday)

    17h00 – 17h30Dudelzwerge Music: Music
    Armati Perregrini: Fencing Initiation
    17h30 – 18h00Armati Perregrini: Explication Ferme
    Via Bruxellensis: Demonstration Commentary
    17h45 – 18h30Zirkir Meer: Equilibrist Card Game
    18h00 – 18h30Armati Perregrini: Côte de Mail
    Via Bruxellensis: Sword Fighting
    19h00 – 19h30Armati Perregrini: Demonstration of Wrestling & Fencing
    19h15 – 19h45Varius Coloribus: Music
    19h30 – 20h00Armati Perregrini: Explication Ferme
    20h00 – 20h30Armati Perregrini: Côte de Mail
    Via Bruxellensis: Demonstration Commentary
    20h30 – 21h00Via Bruxellensis: Sword Fighting
    Armati Perregrini: Fencing Initiation
    20h30 – 21h15Zirkir Meer: Equilibrist Fountain
    21h00 – 21h30Armati Perregrini: Demonstration of Wrestling & Fencing
    Dudelzwerge Music: Music
    21h15 – 21h45Varius Coloribus: Music

    BY TIME - 8 June 2019 (Saturday)


    10h30 – 11h00Dudelzwerge Music: Wrestling
    11h00 – 11h30Armati Perregrini: Ropes Making
    11h00 – 11h45Belgian Fencing Federation
    11h30 – 12h00Via Bruxellensis: Folktale
    12h00 – 12h30Via Bruxellensis: Fighting
    12h30 – 13h00Zirkir Meer: Barber Surgeon
    Varius Coloribus: Music
    13h00 – 13h30Armati Perregrini: Cutting Demonstration
    13h00 – 13h45Belgian Fencing Federation
    13h30 – 14h00Zirkir Meer: Herbalist
    13h45 – 14h15Varius Coloribus: Music
    14h00 – 14h30Armati Perregrini: Fighting
    14h30 – 15h00Zirkir Meer: Music
    15h00 – 15h30Via Bruxellensis: Fighting
    15h30 – 16h00 Armati Perregrini: Candles Making
    Varius Coloribus: Music
    16h00 – 16h30Armati Perregrini: Cutting Demonstration
    Dudelzwerge Music: Wrestling
    16h15 – 17h00Belgian Fencing Federation
    16h30 – 17h00Zirkir Meer: Barber Surgeon
    Zirkir Meer: Music
    17h00 – 17h30Armati Perregrini: Ropes Making
    17h30 – 18h00Zirkir Meer: Herbalist
    Varius Coloribus: Music
    18h00 – 18h30Armati Perregrini: Cutting Demonstration
    18h30 – 19h00Armati Perregrini: Candles Making
    19h00 – 19h30Zirkir Meer: Music
    19h00 – 19h45Belgian Fencing Federation
    Via Bruxellensis: Demonstration Commentary
    20h00 – 20h30Armati Perregrini: Fighting
    21h00 – 21h30Armati Perregrini: Cutting Demonstration
    Zirkir Meer: Music

    BY TIME - 9 June 2019 (Sunday)

    10h00 – 10h30Armati Perregrini: Explication Ferme
    10h30 – 11h00Via Bruxellensis: Sword Fighting
    10h45 – 11h15Dudelzwerge Music: Music
    11h00 – 11h30Armati Perregrini: Côte de Mail
    11h30 – 12h00Armati Perregrini: Explication Ferme
    Via Bruxellensis: Guided Demonstration
    Varius Coloribus: Music
    11h30 – 12h15 Belgian Fencing Federation
    12h00 – 12h30Armati Perregrini: Fencing Initiation
    12h00 – 12h45Zirkus Meer: The Wheel of Leonardo
    12h30 – 13h00Bruxellensis: Sword Fightingc
    13h00 – 13h30Armati Perregrini: Wrestling & Fencing Demonstration
    Dudelzwerge Music: Music
    13h30 – 14h00Via Bruxellensis: Guided Demonstration
    13h45 – 14h15Varius Coloribus: Music
    14h00 – 14h30Armati Perregrini: Côte de Mail
    14h00 – 14h45Belgian Fencing Federation
    14h30 – 15h15Zirkir Meer: Equilibrist Fountain
    15h00 – 15h30 Armati Perregrini: Wrestling & Fencing Demonstration
    15h15 – 15h45 Dudelzwerge Music: Music
    15h30 – 16h00Via Bruxellensis: Sword Fighting
    16h00 – 16h30Armati Perregrini: Explication Ferme
    16h00 – 16h45Belgian Fencing Federation
    Zirkir Meer: Equilibrist Card Game
    16h30 – 17h00Via Bruxellensis: Guided Demonstration
    16h45 – 17h15Varius Coloribus: Music
    17h00 – 17h30Armati Perregrini: Wrestling & Fencing Demonstration
    17h30 – 18h00Via Bruxellensis: Sword Fightingt
    Dudelzwerge Music: Music
    18h00 – 18h30Armati Perregrini: Fencing Initiation
    18h00 – 18h45Belgian Fencing Federation
    Zirkir Meer: Equilibrist Fountain
    19h00 – 19h30Varius Coloribus: Music

    For more things to do in Belgium during the summer in Belgium, check out Timeless Monthly Events.

    Borgerrio 2022: The Most Vibrant Sassy Parade in Borgerhout @ Turnhoutsebaan, Borgerhout, Antwerpen
    Jun 25 @ 3:30 pm – 7:00 pm
    Borgerrio 2022: The Most Vibrant Sassy Parade in Borgerhout @ Turnhoutsebaan, Borgerhout, Antwerpen

    Borgerrio 2022 Street Parade Happening at Turnhoutsebaan, Borgerhout, Antwerp

    Borgerrio 2022 holds its 14th edition annual street parade on Saturday 25 June 2022 (Saturday) along Turnhoutsebaan in Borgerhout district. The colourful street procession is one of the most colourful and loud event happening in Antwerp.

    (Unfortunately, Borgerrio has cancelled for the second time in 2021 as a safety measure against COVID.)

    Roads are closed on the street to facilitate the activity so that stalls can be set up in the early afternoon. Traffic-free road ensures that everyone has a place to stand safely and cheering along with loud music and vibrant dancers from diverse ethnicities of local and international talents.

    You will get to see some colourful photos later when I update this page later. So stay tune on this page!