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Food Review in Antwerp: Restaurant Het Pakhuis Antwerpen in Vlaamse Kaai

Restaurant Het Pakhuis Antwerpen in Vlaamsekaai, South Antwerp

Home Brewery in Antwerp South – Restaurant Het Pakhuis Antwerpen

Restaurant Het Pakhuis Antwerpen located in the street of Vlaamse kaai is one of the two breweries that remains in Antwerp. The other one in Antwerp is De Koninck. In 1946, there were 27 of them in Antwerp. Subsequently, many of them closed down their operation over the years due to volatile market situations. It was said that at the beginning of 1900, Antwerp had only 25 breweries back then.

Het Pakhuis Antwerpen Brewery

As you would have guessed, premium home-brewed beers are Het Pakhuis Antwerpen flagship products ever since the brewery established in 1996. With an increasing standard of food demand, the consumers look for high-quality natural resources without filtering and pasteurisation. ‘t Pakhuis Antwerpen maintains its brewing process in an authentic way, using only pure natural materials with stringent quality control.

Guided Tour

People who are interested in the making of beer can go for a guided tour at Huisbrouwerij ‘t Pakhuis. Het Pakhuis offers a 1-hour guided tour of the brewery process in either English, Dutch or German, to be stated clearly during prior reservation. The guided tour includes the tasting of their home-brewed beers as well. The cost is €125 for a group up to 10 people. An additional person would cost €8 per pax.

5 Types of Beers

Brasserie ‘t Pakhuis offers five types of beer on their menu. These beers yield different flavour and different percentage of alcohol level. You can also get a few cans back at their sales counter.

1) Antwerps Blond  @ €2.70

Ongefilterd, zacht en fruitig. Schitterend Dorstlesser.

  • Alcohol: 4.9%
  • Unfiltered, soft and fruity. Brilliant quencher.

2) Antwerps Bruin @ €3.00

Zacht bruine kleur, lichte karameltoets. In afdronk zoete aanzet met een droog einde.

  • Alcohol: 5.6%
  • Soft brown colour, light caramel taste. Sweet start with a dry aftertaste.

3) Den Bangelijke @ €4.00

Donker blond, aangename geur, zeer fruitige smaak. In afdronk lange fijne bitterheid.

  • Alcohol: 8.5%
  • Dark blond, pleasant smell, very fruity taste. Long, subtle bitterness aftertaste.

4) Den Zwarte Sinjoor @ €4.20

Zwart, de kleur van Stout! Chocolade met koffie, ook aarbeien en drop. Volmondige zoete start. In afdronk, gebrande bitterheid.

  • Alcohol: 6.7%
  • Black, the colour of Stout! Chocolate with coffee, also strawberries and liquorice. Perpetual sweet start. Burned bitterness aftertaste.

5) Het Stalen Ros @ €4.20

Oranje-amber, ros! Fruitig, sinaasappel, licht kruidig met wijntoetsen. Volle complexe smaak en afdronk, een feestbier waardig.

  • Alcohol: 6.8%
  • Orange-amber, stallion! Fruity, orange, lightly spicy with wine taste. Full complex flavour and aftertaste, a deserving party beer.

Food Review of Main Courses in Het Pakhuis Antwerpen Restaurant

Vol-au-Vent @ €19.00 or €17.50

The French word, “Vol-au-Vent”  means “Flight in the Wind” originating from France in the early 18th century.  It is a pastry puff that has savoury fillings such as chicken and fish. In France, Vol-au-Vent is a snack or appetiser. However, in Belgium, it is the main course and commonly seen on the menu in restaurants.

There are two types of Vol-au-Vent for with different filling for selection in the food menu of Het Pakhuis Antwerpen. The first choice was prawns, plaice (a type of flatfish) and salad. The second option was chicken, meatballs, mushroom and salad. I was told that the latter was the typical Vol-au-Vent and chose the chicken combination since it was the original version.

The “Vol-au-Vent” sauce in Brasserie ‘t Pakhuis was rather tasteless and disappointing. As it was my first attempt, I had to seek for more opinions from the rest of the Belgians in the group. My boyfriend and his brother tasted it.

They had the same view as me and agreed that the sauce was not flavoursome enough as they had tried better Vol-au-Vent. The portion of the food was generous though and comes with a few pieces of croquettes. As it was not delicious, I could not finish the whole plate.

Rundstoofvlees | Flemish Beef Stew @ €17.50

The Flemish Beef Stew is one of my favourite cuisines ever since I live in Belgium. The thickened sauce with dark beer cooked in many hours of low heat has turned the beef stew into an aromatic rich sauce.

Het Pakhuis Antwerpen stews their Rundstoofvlees in their brewed beer, Antwerps Bruin. The gravy has a strong bitter taste but yet very sweet at the same time. The verdict from three of us on the table was that it should not be overly sweet for this dish.

Fish Waterzooi @ €18.50

Waterzooi, as the name derives is a Flemish stew dish which first started in Ghent, prepared with fish from the freshwater or sea. The Waterzooi of ‘t Pakhuis Antwerpen contains fresh green herbs, potatoes and their brewed beer, Antwerps Blond in the bouillon. I had tried this Waterzooi with salmon.

The soup was so delicious that I regretted not ordering it in the first place. I swore that I had been thinking about it even on the next day and was thinking of going back to try it. In the end, I bought a supermarket-grade Waterzooi just to satisfy that craving! Highly recommended to order this course from Het Pakhuis Antwerpen if you love fish soup!

By David.Monniaux (Own work) / Wikimedia Commons

Steak Tartare @ €22.50

Steak Tartare is a cold raw dish with chopped small pieces of meat presented in a round mould. There is seasoning in Steak Tartare but it should not be overwhelming as tasting the freshness of the meat is still the top priority. Here, Het Pakhuis Antwerpen has the condiment perfectly mixed into the raw beef.

Steak @ €22.50

The brother of my boyfriend ordered the steak. He had been praising the freshness of it for a few times and said it was good. The steak comes with Belgian fries, of course. Hence, the steak from ‘t Pakhuis Antwerpen is a dish that one can go ahead to try.

Crème Brûlée @ €7.25

The Crème Brûlée was definitely up to expectation!

Overall Review

The staffs at Brasserie Het Pakhuis Antwerpen lacked smiles and a welcoming body language that I was expecting. Thus, there is still room for improvement in this restaurant with a cosy ambience for gathering.

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Food Review in Brasserie Huisbrouwerij 't Pakhuis Antwerpen - Dining Hall

Address of the Restaurant


Vlaamsekaai 76
2000 Antwerpen
Tel: +32 3 238 12 40

Daily Operating Hours

12 pm to 2 pm

6 pm to 10 pm
Friday and Saturday until 11 pm

*Closed on Monday*


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