Thursday, 22 February 2018

① Legal

Introduction and Timeline

③ Timeline Events Overview of Cohabitation Visa Process

Timeline Events Overview for Legal Cohabitation Visa Process in Belgium

Timeline Events Overview on Legal Cohabitation Visa Process The events timeline is an overview of my cohabitation visa process in Belgium. It has detailed breakdown for each document required by the Belgian Immigration Office (IBZ). It is also the spine of my Legal Cohabitation Visa Survival Guide for a Well-Prepared …

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② Legal Cohabitation: An Alternative to Marriage

Relationship, Marriage and Legal Cohabitation in Belgium. What is your thought?

Legal Cohabitation: An Alternative to Marriage Is Marriage Every Girl’s Dream? For the past few years of my relationship with my Belgian boyfriend, we did not know such a procedure like legal cohabitation exists in Belgium. Undoubtedly, I had little knowledge and thought that marriage was the only possible way …

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